Martial Art, Personal Growth, and a New Journey

I started to share my experiences with the internal martial arts of Baguazhang, Taijiquan, and Xingyiquan. Overtime my application has changed, but the mission had remained the same, until recently.

The lesson of our lives is that change happens, and the past two years has brought plenty of that to my life. In 2008 I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take some time and write a book about one of the three passions in my life; martial arts. I had started a book on Taijiquan a couple of years earlier, but when I began this project in earnest, I realized my current passion was with Baguazhang. So what started as yet another book about Taijiquan, became Earth Dragon Canon -- Walking, Martial Arts and Self Evolution; and it was good.

Earth Dragon Canon--Walking, Martial Arts, and Self Evolution is an excellent introduction to the internal martial arts. Using martial art practice as a means for physical fitness and personal growth began centuries ago. Often the forms you see today were designed for fitness and personal growth over combat application. This book is a pragmatic approach to the fundamentals of practice. If books and videos focused on combat applications discourage you, then this book is a good place to start.

When the book was finished, I kept my promise to my wife and got another job (I have no desire to be a professional martial artist). This new job was perfect for me. An opportunity to work on another one of my passions, coding. In many was this job was an expression of what I write about in the Earth Dragon Canon, the evolution of the individual through the daily practice of the martial arts, and I loved it, until I got laid off.

The Great Recession that started a month after I left my previous job, caught up to my current employer, and they had to cut back. I was the new guy, and had no projects in front of me, so I got the ax. But, that was fine, they promised to bring me back when they had business in front of them, and I took the opportunity to complete that Taijiquan book.

Focus Taijiquan: A Study of the Taijiquan Classics grew from Earth Dragon Canon, and is a unique introduction to Taijiquan. Using the classics of Taijiquan as an outline, it presents a complete physical fitness routine instead of just another Taijiquan routine. But, it does that as well, illustrating the Sun style Taijiquan routine.

Before the end of the year, I was back at my coding job, and before I knew it another year had passed. A year in which I had done very little for To be honest, most of what I had wanted to say about the martial arts, and martial art practice had been said in Earth Dragon Canon, or in the articles presented on My passion was for new coding technics, especially with CSS3 and Javascript, and I had plenty of projects in front of me.

Somewhere in all these changes I managed to find time to start writing about my third passion, science fiction. There have been a couple of characters in my head for several years, but every time I sit down to write about them, their voices do not sound like anything in my head, and I have left the project to stew for later. Well, later has finally come.

As I started this new journey, I realized that I had would never finish the old one. I know that The Walking Circle has inspired others to further study and research in the internal martial arts, and I feel that I have a duty to those readers. I know that things have been messy lately. I started moving content to a new platform, and then life and work intervened and things have taken longer then I intended. But, that will be for the best.

The past three months have created another change in my martial arts practice, and instead of disappearing for another year, I want to share that new journey with you, and let you in on my experiences with rediscovering Taijiquan.

I also realized that I had no outlet for my other passions, they never felt right as content on, so I have started to share my thoughts on coding, science, religion, and politics. You know, all those things you wouldn't talk about in shared company.

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